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A Search Box on Your Website

You can place a powerful Startpage search box on your own website. Simply follow the instructions below:

Ground rules

  • Don't imply that Startpage endorses or has a relationship with your website.
  • Don't put Startpage Search on a tasteless site. (Startpage's judgment.)
  • You may "frame" Startpage's searches if the entire Startpage page is displayed unaltered!
  • By placing the Startpage Search Box on your Website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Search Box Options:

The standard Startpage search box looks like this:


Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

Would you like the search to pop up in another window?
No Yes

If you want Startpage to let your users return to your site when they have finished searching, please enter the following information:
  • Web page address (URL) where Startpage should return your website's users (e.g.
  • Name of your site (e.g. Oval Office Favorites)

  • Once you've specified any changes, please copy and paste the following HTML code to your website:

    If you want a hyperlink:

    To link to Startpage's front page, place the following HTML code on your web page:
    <a href="">Startpage Search</a>

    If you need any help placing an Startpage search box on your website let us know here and our team will gladly assist you!

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