You can save your Startpage preferences by clicking on the "SAVE SETTING" button on the "SETTINGS" page.
This will save your settings on your computer in a 'cookie'- a small piece of data stored on your hard drive - called 'preferences'.
Startpage's 'preferences' cookie is a non-identifiable cookie and safe to accept, but cookies in general can pose a threat to your privacy.
People who prefer not to accept cookies or delete them regularly would not be able to keep their preferences this way.
For those people, Startpage has especially provided the "Generate URL" button at the bottom of the "SETTINGS" page.
Pushing that button a specific Startpage URL containing your selected settings will be generated.
It can be generated in readable or obfuscated form.
The generated URL can now be be directly set as your homepage or copied and used as a bookmark.
Using this URL all of your preferences will be used the next time you visit Ixquick.
Startpage continues to offer you privacy-enhancing features for searching the web safely!